Bora Bora, French Polynesia

IMG_1005IMG_1011Blue waterIMG_0988Views from our bungalowIMG_1057This is me in front of blue lagoon.

From the moment we landed on Bora Bora I knew this was a special island.

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Isn’t it beautiful ?  This is the view I saw from the plane. Notice how on the outside of the island the water is dark blue and on the inside of the lagoon is it crystal clear.

The plane flew in on a Motu, which is an island. We took a ferry over to the mainland.  This is the view from the airport.  I loved looking at the view from the airplane of the islands, its amazing, you can see the reef and see it go from dark blue to clear inside the lagoon.  Our hotel wasn’t the best, it was on the beach and that is convenient BUT we had a bungalow was in the mix of a bunch of plantings and trees and there was  a TON of bugs, especially mosquito’s.IMG_0989this is our bungalow. Sawyer and Dad slept in one bungaow and Me and Mom in another because only 2 people per bungalow can fit.  The other day I opened my chapstick because my lips were chapped, after I put it on I noticed that there were two dozen small ants crawling around in the chapstick….it was so gross and I realized it after I used it , I rushed to the bathroom to rinse out my mouth…I honestly don’t know how the ants crawled in the chapstick. It was not a pleasant moment (for all I know I might have swallowed some ants).

IMG_0995 these are the views from our beach front area.  Thats me on a floating chair. It was meant to be in the water and me and Sawyer had a lot of fun trying to surf on the chair and not tip over. It’s harder than it looks, we had a good time. Each day we snorkeled outside our beach, there was a bunch of mini coral reefs here and there.  I spotted a family of 7 Eagle Rays and a few stingrays.  As we were snorkeling DAD yelled “Riley come quick” I swam over there as fast as I can, before I knew it we were looking at a Moray EEL, we looked at it for 10 minutes before it hid in the reef.  A Moray EEL is green and has a vicious looking head with sharp teeth. It is skinny but long.

can you see why it looks vicious. These pictures are from the internet of the EEL.

FUN FACT: EEL’s like to make their home inside the coral reef, most of the time they are hiding and emerge to kill and eat. .

IMG_1000we enjoyed looking at the Over Water Bungaloes.

IMG_1002these are the famous Over the Water bungalow’s that Bora Bora is known for. The people that stay here pay more for one night in these bungalows than we did for 4 days.   They are located in all the fancy hotels.  We did not stay in the resort but it was located directly next to our hotel so we just walked over and explored. (Don’t tell anyone because we weren’t supposed to be there).  We ended up snorkeling in the water below here almost every day.  I saw sting rays bury themselves in the sand at the bottom of the ocean.  They do this to try and camaflague themselves and find food.

FUN FACT: Eagle Ray’s have white spots are their back and are a diamond shape and sting rays are more round.   Sting rays and Eagle Rays have  mouth’s that are on the bottom side of them so they are bottom feeders , creeping along the ocean floor when hungry. 

One day we took a boat excursion that circled the entire island of Bora Bora, it lasted 6 hours and we stopped in a lot of places.  We got to see the island and lagoon from the water and the blue water of Bora Bora is amazing.  We first snorkeled with sting rays.  I love petting the sting rays.  I all ready wrote about doing this in Moorea too.

Our next stop was at a beautiful reef called “coral gardens” we saw SO MANY CLAMS.  I lost count but at least 100.  no exaggeration. Also beautiful coral and colorful fish. I was fasinated with the clams, I got a piece of coral that was floating around and poked  at the opening of them .  I liked watching them close up, it was really interesting.  Sometimes the clam would bite down very hard on the coral stick and wouldn’t let go.  Good thing I didn’t use my finger.

I saw clams in all colors, green, purple, blue, shades of brown and a bunch of tie dye clams.  We saw big ones and baby ones.

IMG_1040IMG_1057some other stops on our boat included viewing Reef sharks and Black Tip sharks /  We snorkeled in deep water for this looking down about 30 or 40 feet at these black tip sharks.  Mom was a little scared because there were a lot of them but I wasn’t.  These sharks were 10 feet long at least. The little reef sharks were 4 feet long and I swam pretty close to them.this photo taken from the internet.  Cool Huh? After a bunch of snorkeling stops our boat stopped on a Motu to have a lunch buffet. There were some Tahitian food that was good. We got to see a demonstration of how to survive living off coconuts.  I tasted shreaded coconut fresh from the coconut.

FUN FACT: if you grab a handful of shreaded fresh coconut shavings you can squeeze it in your hand to make milk.

I was snorkeling in a logoon and saw lots of clams, I poked every single one I saw.

IMG_1008here is Dad waving.IMG_1048


After the coconut demonstration a famous person from Bora Bora who is the Champion coconut tree climber (they have contest every year where one person from each island goes to Tahiti to compete in climbing up a coconut tree first)  This guy did it in 10 seconds with no equipment.  It was really cool, you can tell he’s been doing this since he was a kid. Sawyer and I wanted to try it but didn’t get to.IMG_1005


I am so glad I am with my family on this trip because I have a good time with them. And I love playing with Sawyer..even though we do get into fights sometimes.

Bora Bora is a amazing place. it is so beautiful.  I cant get over how blue the water is.  Its not even blue its see through.  When I get older I want to came back to the French Polynesia because its such an awesome place to be.


The English word ‘tattoo’ comes from the Tahitian word ‘tatau’.

 The Tahitian alphabet contains only 13 letters: the vowels a, e, i, o, u and the consonants f, h, m, n, p, r, t and v.

 Noticed that there is no b in the Tahitian alphabet? That’s why Bora Bora is actually Pora Pora, meaning first-born, but early visitors heard it as Bora Bora.

 Bora Bora is known as The Romantic Island, Moorea as The Magical Island and Tahiti as Queen of the Pacific

Tahitian words for Hello .  yanana

Tahitian word for thank you. maururu

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