Hoover Dam , Nevada, USA


FUN FACT:  The Hoover Dam was originally called Boulder Dam.

My grandmothers and my family visited the Hoover Dam.  Grandma Nancy and Grandma Janet. We love traveling with them .  (they are now internet famous)IMG_0779IMG_0794

The Hoover Dam is very cool. it has a lot of history to it, here is my experience in the hover dam.

First of all, the water is not as high as it used to be.  On the rocks you could see where the water once was.  Now it is like a hundred feet below,  maybe  more. We took a dam tour. I learned a lot of stuff.  It has unbelievable engeneering.  If you want to learn more scroll down to my fact post.  After the tour I watched a Dam movie and went on the Dam.  Walking on the dam was the funnest part. FUN FACT I bet you didn’t know that right in the middle of the dam there is a state  border between Nevada and Arizona.   It was cool to stand with one foot in Nevada and the other in Arizona.  Below is a picture of my brother and I shaking hands in the borders of each state.

I am in Arizona and Sawyer is standing in Nevada. IMG_0797

this is my grandma Nancy standing in front of the view overlooking Lake Mead.  The white part is where the water should be but isn’t there because of all the droughts and lack of rain.IMG_0796


Another interesting thing I did is that I got to say “dam” a lot and didn’t get in trouble.  for example; where is the dam bathroom? I want some dam foo? Can I get a dam souvineer?  my dad was getting into it and saying dam a lot. LOL

When you are on the dam the views are really cool.  You can see mountians and you overlook beautiful water.  There is not much to say about the Hoover dam but the facts are really interesting.IMG_0785

                                                              FUN FACTS

The following facts are what I wrote down during our tour and my observations .

  1. People decided to build the hover dam because the Colorado River kept flooding.
  2. They had they idea in 1921 but didn’t take place until 1931.
  3. It took 7 years to be built
  4. The Hoover Dam was being built in the middle of the great depression so every man wanted a job. back then the dam offerd 4$ a day for the workers. that was a lot back then, especially because people were despite for work.
  5. The workers were housed and fed and they were only allowed 2 days off a year.
  6. The workers had to build tunnles that led the water away from the dam. The tunnles were sort of like a drain.  This was helpful so the water didn’t flood over the dam.
  7. To make the Hoover Dam, they had to use a LOT of cement. There was enough cement to make a high way across the country from the Pacific ocean to the Atlantic ocean.
  8. Only 96 peopled died while making the hover dam. which isn’t that much. mostly acidents like when people fell or were crushed.
  9. The Hoover Dam is one of the 7 modern wounders of the world. No one thought it could be done.
  10. If the earth stopped and all the living things were destroyed, the monument that would last the longest would be the hover dam.  This I remember from watching “after life” on discovery channel.
  11. The hight of the dam is 726 feet
  12. The lenth is 1,244 feet
  13. At the top, the hover dam is 45 feet(by the way you can drive and walk across the hover dam.) We all walked it.
  14. The dam weighs 6.6 million tons
  15. The Hoover Dam consumed up 3.25 millions cubic yards of concreate.
  16. The Colorado river is the river which caused the dam to be built.
  17. By making a dam to stop the Colorado river it formed Lake Mead.

I hope you learned a lot about the Hoover Dam.

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