Las Vegas, Nevada , USA

IMG_0873Las Vegas was really fun, IMG_0808especially because Grandma Nancy and Grandma Janet were with us.  Everything in Vegas was lit up, tons of lights, even at a small store like 7-11.  Lit up like it was a fancy hotel.  A lot of hotels had “themes” some were like Paris (the Parisian hotel) or Egypt (Luxor Hotel), or New York (NY  , NY hotel), Rome (Ceasars Hotel), etc.  Some are just big and fancy.  We stayed downtown in the old section for a few days at the Golden Nugget Hotel.  The coolest thing was the swimming pool that was an aquarium and it had a slide that we slid down through a tube that fish were all around.

IMG_0826Look closely at the tube, Sawyer is in there.


IMG_0857Here I am waving Hello to my GrandmothersIMG_0805

My Grandmothers thought we were having a ball… It was nice to see both Grandmothers here, we did a ton of things with them.  They took us to a fountain show and a fancy garden.  We also saw an ELVIS show, it was neat, I know a lot of Elvis songs because my parents love Elvis.   The man who was imitating Elvis said hello to “the 2 kids” in the audience.  That was Us!!! This is the real ELVIS, our impersonator looked just like him.


We saw the light show on Freemont street and walked around listening to the bands that play there.  One band played “Queen- We will rock you!”   and they were good.    Mom played roulette at the Casino and won some money.  Dad played video poker.

My Grandmothers took us to breakfast and dinner.  We ate well.  We moved to the Rio Hotel for a few days and got to drive down Las Vegas Boulevard at night to see the sights.  I will miss Grandma Nancy and Grandma Janet and when we were ready to leave they were crying , especially Grandma Janet.  We started this journey off a little too fancy, because these were nice hotels and we are not going to be staying so fancy in other countries. One hotel even had bathrobes for us and slippers.IMG_0866We are going to miss Grandma Janet and Grandma Nancy……..image