Sydney, Australia

 Australia is broken down into territories.  Sydney, is in New South Wales (South eastern part).

I spent 5 days in the city of Sydney and I love it.  I really like this city for its great harbor.  It is so big that since the time I got here I have never seen the ocean from the harbor (that’s pretty weird considering Australia is one big island). Here is how we spent our time…

FUN FACT– the Sydney harbor is the largest and deepest harbor in the world!

Mom took this photo from the window of our apartment. IMG_1343

From our room you can see lots and lots of sailboats.  Right now it is summer here so It is very warm.  Mostly like 75 and 80 degrees F.  Many different kinds of boats sail the harbor.

We walked through the Royal Botanical Gardens every day on our way to the harbor because it was close to our apartment we rented.  In the garden I saw so many different types of plants I cant even remember all of them.  The thing that stuck out to me the most was that I saw bamboo, pine trees, and banana trees all in the same area.  These are trees that don’t useliy grow in the same places as each other so it was odd that they were all in the same garden.  I also saw some cactuses, fern trees, colorful flowers and other plants and flowers. Huge aloe plants, ponds with eels and fish in them, fountains, statues, etc.  In the garden there was a lot of birds and wildlife.  There was this one really cool bird that I liked that had a super long beak and white feathers.  I was feeding one of these birds and a whole flock came over.  The birds were fun to watch them eat because they had to throw there head back to swallow the food…  below is a picture of me feeding the birds in the garden.IMG_1364


FUN FACT– I bet your wondering how Australia was settled by people?  Well, in the early days the Brittish would bring the really bad crimals here and leave them on Australia to suffer on their own, eventullay the prisoners had families and started a country and more people came over. 

IMG_1382IMG_1394We really liked the Royal Botanical Gardens a lot.

From the harbor I saw the first prison built, it is on an island.  I learned that the criminals would be strapped to rocks on the middle of the island and only fed bread and water once a week. If they escaped they could swim for shore.   Nothing like the prisons now that let you watch TV and have special meals.


one of the garden paths lead to the famous…….

SYDNEY OPREA HOUSE.  We took this photo while walking in the Royal BOtanical Gardens.  It shows the Opera House and the Harbor Bridge.


the Sydney Opera house is where shows are held.  Its like having 10 big theatres all in the same building.  My family and I  walked up to the Sydney opera house to check it out.  Tt had a lot of stairs to get up to it.  I didn’t mind but my mom was like ” holy stairs” (I personally don’t think there was that much stairs).  What I really like about the opera house was the structure,  the architexture,  the roof was so cool.  There are a bunch (10) of white points and it looks nice.

 FUN FACT-the Sydney Opera house roof was designed to look like sails on a sail boat.  I touched the opera house roof and saw that it was made up of little tiles.

We didn’t go in the Sydney Opera house because you could only go in if you were part of a tour and my famliy didn’t want to go on one because truefully, we would be bored.  and with our luck there were no shows playing at the time that interested us.  There were only adult shows (that Sawyer and I would hate), ballets and little kid shows(like the 3 little pigs) the Sydney opera house also has restaurants surrounding it.  I walked around the whole opera house and saw great views.  I also got myself an ice cream while I was there.

In my opinion the Sydney Oprea House is cool to look at,  but when you stare at it for more then 10 min it gets boring.

FUN FACT– the Sydney Oprea House was expected to cost 7 millon dollars to be built and ended up being 102 million dollars.  talk about over budget!


THE TARANGA ZOO  :  I have both good and bad things to say about the zoo.

One day was spent by going to the Taranga zoo.  It was just like any other zoo except we had to take a ferry to get there.

Our first stop at the zoo was to see the bird show.  I saw all different types of Australian birds.  They would always fly really low over the croweds head and it almost touched me.  My favorite bird that I saw was the Australian  Eagle.  I saw two different kinds of Eagles and none of them were the American bald egal.  One was brown and the other black and their wingspand was taller then me! The bird show was the best thing about the zoo.

My favorite thing at the zoo was the chimpanzees.  My brother Sawyer liked them the best also.  Most of the chimpanzees were laying around or gromming each other.  They look and act like humans.  I saw one baby monkey swinging from a rope and eating a banana. Iit was funny and cute.

FUN FACT– Orang-utans are our closest relatives (they are a type of monkey)

In the zoo there was this little observatory tunnal that people could go into and look at the monkeys up close.  well, sawyer and I were in the tunnel looking through the glass at the chimpanzees.  One large chimp came running over, all of a sudden chimp must have got angry at us cause he broke into a rant, did a high picth scream, like a battle cry, and slapped the ground.   It was a cool, terrifying, shocking exsperince.

Another funny thing that happened in the zoo was when I was climbing next to the ring-tailed lemur.  Long story short there was a playground that me and Sawyer were playing on,  we saw a really cool looking junglegym thing right next to the playground only separated by a walkway and no barrier at all. It looked like part of the playground..  sawyer and I went on it for a minute only to be yelled at by a park ranger. she said”kids this is the lemur exibit not the playground.”  So anyway my dad cracked up and the whole famliy had a good laugh about it.  In my opinion the zoo designer should have put the lemur playground away from the kid playground so people like Sawyer and I  wouldn’t make that mistake.  At least I could say I was 2 feet a way from a lemur climbing in the habitat.

Aside from the things I mentioned this  zoo STINKS!!!!!!!!!!! and all zoos do .  I’m sure your wondering why I don’t like zoos?  Well, lately  after seeing animals in the wild at the Bear Mountain lodge in Alaska, and at conservation centers or natural habitats, it makes these zoos seem pathetic.  ALL the animals looked MISERABLE here!!!! We even heard a lady say how pathetic it was that they had only one hippo and the hippo’s are supposed to be together male and female. The 2 bears were in a small environment no bigger than my front yard.  How are they supposed to run and play?  The animals looked  bored , especially at this zoo.  I saw an elephant that was in a roped  area the size of a school carpet.  The elephant was practicly going crazy.  It was just rocking back and forth shaking from side to side.   There was this 20 foot long  python snake that was in a cage too small for its body!!! it couldn’t stretch itself out.  I saw lots of other animals like the kangaroos that are supposed to travel in herds (called mobs) yet there were only 2 kangeroos!!!! I could go on all day about the animals at the zoo and I’m not even an animal person.  We don’t even own any animals, not even a dog or cat.  We just made a pact that this is the LAST ZOO we will ever go to,  from now on I am only going to see the animals in the wild and in conservation centers or rehabilitation facilities where they are in there real habitats or getting re introduced to their habitats.  My family is done with zoo’s!!!! I keep thinking of that elephant that seriously was going crazy from being couped up.  The giraffes were in an area that was the size of a Gym floor, and it had no trees! NO trees?  Seriously. IT was all dirt and some man made tall statue with a pile of leaves on it.  Very disappointing.This giraffe is bored. All dirt, no trees and a small area.IMG_1373



The last day in Sydney my famliy and I rented bikes and rode around to places.   First we rode over the famous harbor bridge. It is right in front of  the Opera House and has great views.  The bridge we rode on is the one you might see on TV during New Year Eves.  The Harbor Bridge has a great firework show every year on New Years eve.IMG_1404IMG_1409

FUN FACT– IN 2016 Australia will be exactly 200 years old.  

We went all over Sydney.  each time we stopped I pretended I was a tour guide and told my family facts I learned about Sydney from my research. IMG_1416IMG_1407

FUN FACT– (this is kind of random but interesting) the worlds largest burger was made in Sydney and it weighed 95.5 kilograms.

As I have menchiond before I love the views of Sydney harbor and enjoyed riding past them.  I also rode past the IMAX  theater which is the biggest one in the world at 8 stories high.


Sydney Australia was a great city.  I hope when I get older I will come back here again. Feel free to email me at