Barcelona, Spain

Spain.  We visited only  one city in Spain…Barcelona. Located along the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona is close to southern France.

Fun Facts:  The 1992 Olympic Games were held in Barcelona, Spain.


Lets just say Spain loves it’s soccer and the best of the best play here and fans come from all over the world to see a game at this stadium.  There is a team song that the stadium sings before and after the game.  I wish I knew the words! We got there very early to see the stadium and get “the feel” of the environment. The fans are very enthusiastic.

IMG_2858Fun Fact: The Camp Nou Stadium is the largest Football (soccer) stadium in the world. It can seat 99,700 people!  The FC Barcelona Team is the only Team that plays here and the stadium is only used for Soccer games (once in a while during the off season a concert will be held here, but not often).  The stadium has a museum with all the Barcelona trophies, history and info on the team. Going to a game is an event!  Season ticket holders hold 90 Percent of the tickets.  We were lucky to get the tickets we did. Mom surprised us with the tickets that she got a month before online.    The game was the best game I ever saw , on TV, or in person.   I really liked watching the best players working together to create opportunities to score goals. Sawyer and I liked watching Neymar doing his fabulous foot skills …he did a “rainbow”.  We watched Barcelona VS Celta de Vigo.  The score was 6-1 which is a high scoring game so we got to celebrate SO many goals with the crowd.  They sing, they chant, they cheer, they play music. You can watch the game on You Tube especially the highlights, which included Messi’s famous Penalty Kick (he faked out the goalie by passing backwards to Suarez).  The TV channels and the Soccer channels had it on for days after the game. I will never forget going to Camp Nou to see this game.IMG_4683e IMG_4850Here is Messi (10) Neymar (11) and Suarez (9).  My dad took lots of photos and we had great seats.  IMG_4859





Sagrada Familia:  This is the most visited sight in Barcelona. It has a lot of history behind it, basically, it started work in 1882 and is still being worked on today.  Sagrada Familia is the Spanish word for “holy Family.”  It has tons of carvings of Bible scenes on the outside and beautiful stained glass windows on the inside. The inside also has a different kind of archetecture than you would expect to see in a church.   It is built in the middle of a residential community and it is very large. See the ariel view below of what it looks like so far.

The Sagrada Família has been under construction for over 100 yearsWe watched a lot of documentary video’s about this structure and about Gaudi, the designer of the church and what the carvings and buildings are meant say. Without the “history” behind these things I would just think it was a bunch of jumble.  The Bible scenes are very nice and I liked looking for each statue I learned about.  IMG_4638  IMG_4567This is the Three Kings bringing gifts to baby Jesus and also Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus in another carving..IMG_4564

This is the inside of the church. I love all the colors of the stained glass windows.  This is just one area of glass. There were other areas with different colors.  See how the sun shines through them?IMG_4610

Fun Facts: The Sagrada Familia is only funded by private donations and entry fees from tourists, Not from Spanish government at all.

Sagrada Família is a large Roman Catholic church in Barcelona, designed by Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí.  Gaudi was the influence behind the unique design concept of the church. 

It has recently been announced that La Sagrada Família will finally be finished by 2026, on the 100th anniversary of Gaudí’s death. The great Spanish Catalan architect lived to see only one tower erected, but construction carried on using the designs and models he left.

IMG_2812Here is Sawyer and I taking lots of notes on our observations of the  Sagrada Familia after we visited. There was a lot to write about.  After visiting we spent the rest of the day walking the city and took the Metro back to the hotel.



Picasso work is kind of weird .  I learned about his art through photos of his paintings online, then we visited the Museum. It was a small Museum and not as interesting as the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam I visited.

Picasso , believe it or not, did some amazing “normal” paintings of people, scenery and still art earlier in his career (we saw these at the museum too) but later in his career he moved to the “abstract” art that we all know him from. Like pictures of people with triangle heads, weird eyes and lots of shapes. They had many paintings like these….and many of his earlier works which were far better in my opinion. You decide…

 The earlier paintings   VS the later paintings… ITs hard for me to believe it was the same artist…
Barcelona was a nice city. We visited the beach but did not swim. We got to play soccer at a local park each day because the weather was so nice.  This was the first time I got to touch the MEDITERANIAN SEA.  IMG_2830
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