MOOREA, French Polynesia


This is what Moorea looks like from the air.

We took the ferry from Tahiti to Moorea.  The ferry was 45 min. As soon as the Ferry entered the lagoon I noticed that THIS is the south pacific that I see in the pictures.  Crystal clear blue water with a reef surrounding the island.  Took a public bus to our Bungalow.  This is where we are for 5 days.  A cool bungalow literally right on the beach, steps away.  To be exact 12 steps to the beach.  See the small island in the distance (that is called a MOTU) we swam and snorkeled to it each day. The beaches here are very narrow, not like it is at home when you think of Jones Beach in NY or Montauk, NY but the water is the best here. Warm and so blue  and clear.  We snorkeled a lot here, all over.



Our bungalow is awesome, although we have to sleep under a mosquito net. We are all bitten up.IMG_0931

IMG_0921this guy named Elvis, Yes that was his real name, climbed a tree to get us a coconut. We drank the milk, it tastes like flavored water. Dad really loved it.

FUN FACT:We watched a video about CORAL and learned about how coral breaths and excreats waste out of the same opening.  Coral is an animal. It lives , breaths, reproduces and dies.

Things we did in Moorea:

*sitting on our porch overlooking the water, watching a bunch of wild chickens running around.

*playing soccer with Sawyer

*Swimming and snorkeling in the ocean/ lagoon.

*went on snorkeling excursion on  a glass bottom boat.  We went around the lagoon and saw the island from another view .  Saw the fancy “Over the water ” bungalows too.  We swam with Stingrays and Reef sharks – they are harmless. The stingrays crowded around me, actually touching me, going over my shoulder and arms. At first I was freaked out but then I enjoyed touching them, they are very slippery and have a mouth on the bottom side.  The tail is as hard as a pipe. Long and has little points on it. There was about 15 stingrays and tons of reef sharks swimming around. We also saw large turtles swimming around. I enjoyed seeing the different kinds of coral and learning about them. I also saw a lot of small colorful fish. They looked very tropical.

*We did school work on the porch, and read a lot  ( I finished the “Diary of Ann frank”)



from our hotel we were able to kayak over to a small island called a motu. It  was hard to get out of the kayak and step on the island because of the millions of pieces of broken coral  it hurt my feet but I did it. The island was the size of three classrooms but had a lot of things like crabs, coral , a cave , trees , the remains of a shack , and a beach area. It felt like I had my own private island  I even planted an apple core with seedsIMG_0960IMG_0965

I brought over an apple and ate it there and buried the apple core  and seeds there.  When I get older I want to come back here to go to this island to see if my tree grew.  Now I feel like I left my mark on the world.  I would like to do something different of leaving my mark in each country in a good way.





IMG_0937we had a great area to practice our soccer, as long as we avoided the wild chickens.

FUN FACT: Moorea is a volcanic island  located 12 miles from Tahiti   It is well known for its beautiful lagoons  and clear waters.  There is a variety of places to stay from budget to very fancy 


this is me drawing a picture of the island of Moorea  I love looking out at the beautiful blue water.  I can be reached at