Arizona, USA – Grand Canyon National Park


After a long plane ride and car ride, we finally arrived at the Grand Canyon. we piered over the edge and saw……. nothing. literally there was nothing. There was fog everywhere so I couldn’t see the canyon.   My famliy  was going to go on a hike today but the fog prevented us from going.  So we went in in the visitors center to watch a movie on the Grand Canyon.  I learned about explorers and the layers of the rocks and also the wildlife.  I cant believe one little river (the Colorado River) formed the whole canyon. When the fog lifted mom took the photo above.  See the fog lifting???

FUN FACT:   Did you know that the grand canyon is 277 miles long 10 miles across and 1 mile deep.

Even though the canyon is 1 mile deep it is a 9 mile hike to get to the bottom because you cant just go strait down. We also went to the geology museum and learned about the formation of the canyon through interactive displays.

The weather on the first day was really weird,  first it was sunny then it rained after that it was pelting snow,  but soon after an hour of hard snowing the fog lifted up and I could finally see the grand canyon.   In the picture above it shows the fog lifting up from the canyon.  It looks like the rocks are making the smoke.

When I first saw the canyon my expression was  WOW! it was stupendous. IMG_0698IMG_0690

in this picture the the Grand Canyon doesn’t look that big. but it is.  I think the grand canyon is something you have to see in person to really experience it. I think the best way to see the canyon is by hiking.


when my famliy was driving back to the hotel my dad said “whoever spots a moose gets 5 bucks”  after a while of looking out the window I saw a herd of elk!the elk looked a lot like Moose so I thought I hit the jackpot scince I counted 16 of them. I wondered if that meant I would get 80 dollars because 16×5=80. it was not until after we saw the herd that we realised they were elk. I counted 2 males a couple of babys and the rest females. All together there were 16. When I saw the elk they were eating. We pulled onto the road and wached them. after about 20 minutes the whole herd ran across the road. It was the coolest thing.IMG_0730


I thought it was interesting to see elk. (too bad it wasn’t moose or my dad would of owed me 80 dollars. ) my favorite part was that I was the one who spotted them. Even though we only saw the elk for about a half and hour, it was the best part of my day.


The 2nd day of the grand canyon was great. We went hiking on the Bright Angel  trail and we hiked a total of  3 miles. 1 1/2 miles down.  Going down the trail was fun and enjoyable. At the 1 1/2 mile rest area we ate lunch on a big rock by the trail.  The senery throughout the trail was spectacular. it truly was awesome. this is us hiking on the trail. i liked how it wasn’t crowed scince this is the of season.some parts of the trail had cool tunnles like this one.IMG_0696IMG_0689

Occasionally we saw some mules. They have this thing where tourists can take the mules down to the camp at the are the mules. IMG_0766

FUN FACT- mules are a combination of a horse and donkey.

     after a great day of hiking in the grand canyon my brother and i got a Junior Ranger book and completed it.  We had to attend a ranger program and we learned about the California Condor.  FUN FACT:  The condors were almost extinct, there used to be less than 24 in the USA, but the park rangers had a program to reintroduce them into the wild and now they are soaring above the canyons.   We got a badge. it looked like this…when i get older i want to go to the grand canyon again. i want to take a raft trip in the Colorado river and hike to the bottom with my dad and brother. (my mom doesn’t want to go.) Here is to a great family Grand Canyon Day.IMG_0700