My thoughts and experiences as I travel with my family


IMG_0633     My name is Riley and I am 11 years old and I am traveling the world with my family.  I am from Long Island, New York in America and I am traveling around the world  with my mom, dad, and 10 year old brother, Sawyer.  My blog will highlight our travels beginning with the Summer of 2015.  I attended school for 2 months in September and October then we were off in November again.  We plan on going to several different states and countries.  My mom is going to home-school my brother and I  for the months we’re traveling.  I hope you enjoy my blog and follow me wherever my travels take me… but before I go here is a little something about me.

         I LOVE playing soccer.  It is my favorite thing to do.  I also enjoy writing.   I am currently writing a book and will keep a journal about my trip.  I will also update this blog regularly.  I also like to ski,  swim, play outside, hangout with my friends and learn everything I can.   Most of all I love to read.  I will miss all my friends and family when I”m away but I hope that they will read this blog and keep in touch with me.   Reading this blog will be “learning” for you too because I plan on including a lot of educational information.  I will include a “Fun Fact” (it will be in RED) about places I go and the things I learn …so tell your parents that you are learning too.  :} Just click the tabs on the left side under “categories”  to get started.  Keep in touch

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